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Do you have a Smart Windshield?

Did you know?

Your windshield may be smarter than you think!

If you have a newer model vehicle, chances are you may have a “smart windshield.” As we all know, technology continues to grow and evolve and your windshield is no exception. Vehicles are designed to keep us safe while we travel, whether it is for work, running errands, vacations, or to visiting with family and friends. Many newer model vehicles are equipped with an ADAS system (Advanced Driver Assisted System) which may provide adaptive cruise control, pedestrian alerts, heads-up display, forward collision warning and traffic sign recognition. These systems are designed to help you (and others) stay safe while you are traveling. When your windshield needs replaced due to a crack, the process can be more involved. The camera and radar systems which are associated with the windshield are extremely sensitive units and, when extracting a windshield, there is always a risk that the camera system will be affected. Therefore, it's important to have your vehicle recalibrated to manufacturer specs after replacing a windshield. The recalibration process can be very involved and time consuming and can take a few hours to complete. The type of windshield that is installed can also affect the recalibration process and selection of a quality windshield can help make that process go smoothly and efficiently.

At JK Auto Glass we are a certified and experienced windshield recalibration facility. We take our time to properly and carefully extract and install the windshield and recalibrate the vehicle to manufacturer specifications. You can be sure that the process is done accurately and in a timely manner. Trust your vehicle to the local experts and know that THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR! Choose JK Auto Glass for all of your auto glass needs! #windshieldreplacement #windshieldrepair #windshield #autoglass #recalibration #windshieldrecalibration #freemobileservices


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